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Sensory Made Inclusive Leisure Environment (SMILE) 

About this Project

Drawing on international experience and research, the SMILE project looks at the benefits of developing a community-housed multi-sensory environment (MSE) at the Horsley Community Centre in the Illawarra. This project also fosters the involvement of people with disabilities, their carers, families and disability services to assist in the development and design of the space to best meet the needs of the whole whole community. 

A MSE provides a safe, non-threatening environment for people with cognitive, behavioural and physical impairments to engage in a range of sensory experiences. The experiences provided by a MSE can both calm and stimulate the primary senses using sensory-based materials such as fibre optics sprays, bubble tubes, music, colour, lighting and aroma.

Meet the Researchers

This project brings together from diverse backgrounds in Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Health and external agencies.Multi-Sensory Room_Meet the researchers

Rose Dixon is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education in the Faculty of Social Sciences 

Dr Sim Lau is a Senior lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

Dr Andrea Garner is in the School of Education in the Faculty of Social Sciences  

Dr Pippa Burns is a lecturer in the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health 

Allison Cameron is a PhD student in the School of Education in the Faculty of Social Sciences

Michael Szafraniec is the Operations Manager at CareWays Community 

Carly Pascoe is the Community Development officer at CareWays Community 

Photo: (right to left) Rose Dixon, Pippa Burns, Carly Pascoe, and Michael Szafraniec.

Last reviewed: 31 August, 2018