Transforming Lives and Regions

Illawarra Region1

Building A Collective Vision For The Illawarra

The Project

Our Region Our Future_1Councils throughout the Illawarra share similar social, economic, and environmental aspirations for their respective jurisdictions, including a sound economy, healthy communities, and improved access to public services.

Our Region, Our Future: Building a Collective Vision for the Illawarra, in collaboration with local stakeholders, will examine economic drivers, demographics, infrastructure, and cultural identity in the region. 

The project will bring together local aspirations, regional planning, and investment opportunities. 

The framework will contribute to a concrete pathway to success for the Illawarra, which can be updated as needed, by engaging with stakeholders and identifying the needs of the region.

The project aims to bring together private and public entities, state and local authorities, and members of the general public. 

The Researchers

Our Region, Our Future: Building a Collective Vision for the Illawarra brings together researchers with expertise in social sciences, business, engineering, and cultural research.

Professor Pascal Perez is the Research Director of the SMART Infrastructure Facility and is based in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

Professor Gordon Waitt is based in the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Ian Buchanan is the Director of the Institute for Social Transformation Research in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts 

Associate Professor Lindsay Oades is the Director of the Australian Institute of Business Wellbeing in the Faculty of Business

Last reviewed: 22 June, 2016

Transforming Lives
and Regions

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