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Corporate Social (Ir)responsibility

The Project

Corporate Responsibility_4Corporate Social (Ir)responsibility and the Health and Wellbeing of Australian Regions focuses on the ‘wicked’ health issues facing many towns and communities throughout the nation. 

The Illawarra faces more than its share of these problems, including obesity, smoking, drinking and gambling, which can have a devastating effect on population health and social construct. 

This project will explore the role of Corporate Social Responsibility, which acts as industry’s answer to self-governance, in normalising these wicked health problems at a community level by embedding them into the landscape and softening the perception of harm. 

Often, Corporate Social Responsibility allows industries to ingratiate themselves into a community by providing financial support of groups or clubs, and community-based programs that meet local needs. 

The researchers will study Corporate Social Responsibility in the Illawarra through the Junk Food and Clubs industries and aim to provide a framework to allow the investigation to be expanded to other industries that contribute to wicked health problems.

The Researchers

Corporate Social (Ir)responsibility and the Health and Wellbeing of Australian Regions comprises researchers from a range of backgrounds, including public health, marketing, law and social science.

Associate Professor Samantha Thomas is a public health sociologist in the School of Health and Society

Professor Nan Seuffert is the Director of the Legal Intersections Research Centre in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts

Heather Yeatman is an Associate Professor and the Interim Head of the School of Health and Society 

Dr Bridget Kelly is an accredited practicing dietitian and Senior Lecturer in Public Health in the School of Health and Society

Dr Melanie Randle is an early career researcher in social marketing in the Faculty of Business

Last reviewed: 31 January, 2018

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