Sustaining Coastal & Marine Zones

Launching a Blue Economy bannerLaunching a Blue Economy: putting theory into practice 

About the project

Launching a Blue Economy 300 by 200The Blue Economy aims to use innovative, integrated and cross sectoral management to promote socially equitable and ecologically sound utlisation of the natural (blue) capital provided by our oceans.  This concept is gaining traction globally, however there are few applied examples of where the model has been successfully implemented. Wollongong, and the greater south coast of NSW is an ideal location for which the model could be tested and developed for broader application in other Australian and regional jurisdictions.  

This project investigates the capabilities of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven region to build and support a new ‘Blue Economy’ based on sustainable and equitable use of our oceans natural capital. It will specifically highlight potential areas for sustainable development and growth as well as addressing key environmental concerns for the area.  It aims to develop a "blue print" to guide the successful implementation of a regional Blue Economy, including identifying possible areas of innovation and growth.

About the researchers

Launching a Blue Economy 300 by 200 BThis interdisciplinary team consists of academics and early career researchers from the following faculties, Law, Humanities and the Arts, Business and Social Sciences.

Dr Michelle Voyer (ANCORS/Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts)

Prof Alistair McIlgorm (ANCORS/Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts)

Prof Robin Warner (ANCORS/Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts)

Prof Richard Kenchington (ANCORS/ Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts)

Dr Shanaka Herath (SMART/Faculty of Business)

Dr Mary Kaidonis (Faculty of Business)

Dr Leah Gibbs (AUSCCER/Faculty of Social Sciences)

Harriet Harden-Davies (ANCORS/ Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts) 

Last reviewed: 3 October, 2018