Sustaining Coastal & Marine Zones


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PetaJakarta_2, developed by researchers at UOW's SMART Infrastructure Facility, harnesses burgeoning citizen engagement, and the ubiquity of social media in daily life, to provide updates on flooding affecting Jakarta for the city’s residents and government agencies.

Environmental risks and economic concerns have created the perfect storm in Jakarta. As the city moves further into the 21st century, rapid urbanisation looks set to collide with the increasing volatility of weather systems, with catastrophic results for the region.

Of all the global challenges that are faced in the 21st century, coastal megacities in South and South-East Asia are under the greatest pressure.

Land subsidence, extreme pollution, changing weather patterns, intensity of precipitation and storm systems, rising populations, the incredible trajectory of urbanisation in the region. All of these things combine to produce a single question – how do we allow the coastal megacities of South-East Asia to survive the 21st century? is a collaboration between the University of Wollongong’s Global Challenges Program and SMART Infrastructure Facility, the social media platform Twitter and BPBD Jakarta.

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SMART researchers explain the concept of PetaJakarta and how Twitter can help in flood-affected cities

Urban Resilience: Meeting the Global Challenge of Coastal Climate Adaptation from schrinkrapt on Vimeo.

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Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones

Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones