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Forget about the KPIS: Let's talk about research

Chris Gibson

Professor Chris Gibson wrote an opinion piece on the proposed changes to the higher education sector and the future of multidisciplinary research for the Australian Financial Review (21 July 2014). 

"Revered researchers have often been risk-takers: single-minded geeks inventing new technologies; intrepid scientists deep in jungles or deep beneath the sea finding new species or archaeological treasures; inspired types rethinking a perennial mathematical or philosophical problem; historians going back into the archive to reopen often uncomfortable conversations about the past. Yet the reality is becoming less heroic." 

The full text of the article can also be found on the Global Challenges blog.

Global Challenges featured in Nature Outlook  

Coastal Zones

The University of Wollongong's Global Challenges Program appeared in the July 24, 2014 edition of Nature Outlook, which focused on multidisciplinary research at universities around Australia. The Nature article showcased Global Challenges' multidisciplinary research projects as well as UOW's research strengths as a whole. 

"We live in an age of uncertainty, a world with a population that is both ageing and growing. It is a world of climate change, of rapid economic transformation and of immense technological advances. 

Most cities and regions have developed slowly—over many decades, if not centuries. But in order to survive in this fast-changing world, communities must now be able to adapt quickly."  


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