Making Future Industries

Making Future Industries

Geoff Spinks

The Making Future Industries (MFI) challenge addresses the impact of new technologies and encourages the development of new-to-world products that have a positive impact on society. Previously named ‘Manufacturing Innovation’, the MFI challenge has a broader focus on emerging technologies, new product development, STEM education, the role of making and the interaction of these areas to enhance our capacity for innovation.

Active Projects

Professor Geoff Spinks (pictured right) and the Global Challenges team are currently working with Researchers and Stakeholders on the following projects to support regional manufacturing innovation.

3D Printed Surfboard Fins3D Printed Surfboard Fins

This project is exploring the potential for printing and customising surfboard fins using 3D printing technology and examining how this impacts on a surfer's perception of a wave. 

GC Hydrogel CondomProject Geldom

This project aims to identify the right formulations to build a condom that is strong and flexible, provides superior protection, and offers the potential for improved feel and sensation.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle 2An Innovative Ergonomic Conceptual Design of Heavy Duty Vehicle Driver Seat

This project aims to create a safer, more pleasant working environment for a heavy-duty vehicle driver by developing an ergonomic seat that will mitigate the risk of injury and pain.

New generation sunscreens optimised for Australian extreme exposure conditions New generation sunscreens optimised for Australian extreme exposure conditions

This project looks at advanced fabrication and commercialisation of new generation cost-effective sunscreens to develop improved, scientific testing methods for evaluation of safe UV radiation exposure.

Maker Space ThumbiMake - Maker Space

iMake provides an innovative and inspiring environment to support formal and focused activities to stimulate and promote an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and support SMEs, inventors and entrepreneurs with product design, manufacturing diversification and business development.

Smart GarmentsSmart Garments

The aim of this project is to develop a proof of concept demonstrator for the use of an Embedded Wireless Communication System for Smart Garments.

Smart Shoes: Motivating Elders to Walk Longer and SaferSmart Shoes: Motivating Elders to Walk Longer and Safer

This pilot study aims to develop a smart shoe, which continuously monitors the walking ability of elderly people.

Flutes23D Modelling and Printing of Custom-Designed Flutes

This project will explore the potential for 3D printing to change the music industry by creating custom-designed flutes that can be played in a variety of microtonal scales.

Smart Sodium Storage System IconThe Smart Sodium Storage System for Renewable Energy Storage

A cutting-edge, end-to-end project with a novel battery chemistry to increase energy storage efficiency and reduced system cost, with real-world applications.

Material Science, Slow Textiles, and Ecological Futures Material Science, Slow Textiles, and Ecological Future

The aim of this project is to produce artworks that incorporate energy-­efficient elements and slow textile methods to communicate the need to adopt effective sustainable energy strategies in gallery and museum contexts.

Southern Manufacturing Innovation GroupSouthern Manufacturer Alliance

 A series of ongoing networking events established to provide a forum for manufacturers in the region to connect with researchers at the University.

Analysing Paint with Terahertz spectroscopyPaint analysis using Terahertz spectroscopy

This project traverses layers of paint using Terahertz radiation to reveal what lies beneath.