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Creative Responses To The NBN-Empowered Economy

The Project

GC-NBN2South Korea is a world leader in super-fast broadband, with public infrastructure and Internet speeds of up to one gigabyte per second, which has transformed the social, cultural and economic landscape of the small nation.

This project will explore how South Korea’s innovative next-generation broadband network – the seeds of which were planted by industry initiatives in the mid-1980s and nurtured further by government policy in 1999 – can influence how the Illawarra, and Australia, embraces and harnesses our own National Broadband Network. 

The researchers aim to use South Korea as a case study to expand the conversation about the potential of NBN in the Illawarra and to examine how creative elements of the nation’s network can be applied in a local context. 

Researcher Dr Brian Yecies says South Korea’s broadband has enabled the nation to be a global competitor, particularly in the areas of e-learning, e-health, e-business and e-government.

“South Korea has become the destination of choice for technology, development and business,” Dr Yecies says. “The national infrastructure is highly conducive to cutting edge business and research and to local, national and global engagement.”


Dr Brian Yecies and Dr Richard Howson from the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts discuss their new Seed Project: Creative Responses to the NBN-Empowered Digital Economy: Modelling Super-Fast Broadband Innovations in Korea for Transforming Lives in the Illawarra. 

The Researchers

This project brings together researchers from backgrounds in media, engineering, marketing and digital policy. 

Dr Brian Yecies is a media studies specialist in UOW’s Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts 

Dr Greg Kerr is an Associate Professor in marketing at UOW’s Dubai campus. 

Dr Richard Howson is a senior lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts. 

Professor Aditya Ghose is located in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Services and the director of the UOW Decision Systems Laboratory. 

Associate Professor Kwang-Suk Lee is the head of the Digital and Cultural Policy Graduate program at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. 

Stefan Gillard is the founder and chief mechanic of SteamEngine, a high-speed storage and high-performance computing cluster in Sydney. 

Last reviewed: 22 June, 2016

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