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Project DARE: Dementia knowledge, Art, Research and Education

Dementia Knowledge 300 by 200About the project

Children today are, more than ever before, likely to interact with family and community members living with dementia. These interactions will increase as the population ages. It is said that 75% of people with dementia and their carers report experiencing stigma and social isolation.  One way to address this problem is through education of the next generation.  According to the Alzheimer’s Society, most children would like to help someone with dementia and are keen to know more about the condition. 

Project DARE (Dementia knowledge, Art, Research and Education) proposes to address this problem by adapting an existing educational program to a younger audience. It will utilise art as a medium by which the children can express their knowledge and perception of dementia, as younger children are more able to express visually concepts that they may not have the vocabulary to convey verbally.

The aim of this original project is to pilot and evaluate the impact of a short education intervention on the conceptual understanding of dementia by primary school aged children from 8‐11 years.  Analysis of the progressive artwork will show how their understanding of dementia changes once they have participated in the educational intervention.

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Dementia Knowledge B 300 by 200About the researchers

Dr Pippa Burns is an early career researcher with an interest in the communication of health information and dementia (SMAH)

Dr Michelle Eady is a senior lecturer in Professional Studies in the School of Education and an associate fellow of the Early Start Research Institute (SOC)

Dr Jess Baker is a Lecturer at the Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit at the University of New South Wales. Jess also leads the Kids4Dementia project

Ms Jennine Primmer is the Chief Creative Officer at Artspace, Big Fat Smile

Mrs Carinya Barkley is a teacher at Thirroul Public School

Dr Penny Harris is the Contemporary Arts Discipline Leader within the School of the Arts, English and Media (LHA) 

Associate Professor Victoria Traynor is a highly experienced aged‐care researcher whose work has influenced the delivery of aged and dementia care services. She is currently Head of Postgraduate Studies in the School of Nursing (SMAH)

Last reviewed: 7 December, 2018