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Medication Management Information Systems 

The Project

MMIS AboutPageWith an ageing population the ability to manage medication, particularly for people with multiple chronic conditions, has become critical to optimise health outcomes and reduce the number of medication related errors made each year.  This project will develop a framework which will investigate current Medication Management Information Systems (MMIS) and assess their applicability and suitability for consumers.  

There are wide range of online tools currently available, however these tend to address a broad range of medications for general medical issues or focus specifically on medications for a single medical condition.  Often technical jargon is used and consumers need to scroll through extensive amounts of information to find what they need.  This can present problems for those who may have difficulties in reading and understanding the information being presented. Equally, the current tools do not provide a user-friendly interface which is essential for older adults who may have low health literacy or cognitive impairment. 

This project aims to address these challenges to devise a system that can provide up-to-date and accurate medical information for informal and formal caregivers as well as enhance the ability for consumers to make decisions themselves. The framework will also look at using MMIS to prompt and remind older consumers about important medical information and adherence to therapeutic guidelines, reiterating what they hear from their most frequented and trusted health source.  

Outcomes and Publications

Win K.T., Mullan J., Howard S., Oinas-Kukkonen H. (2017), Persuasive Systems Design features in Promoting Medication Management for consumers, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences HICSS-50, Kona Hawaii, January 4-7.

Other publications are in the review stage and the prototype of the apps, pain medication app and the blood thinning agents app are in the evaluation stage with focus groups.


The Researchers

Medication Management Information Systems (MMIS) brings together researchers from Engineering and Information Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health. 

Dr Khin Than Win is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences. She is an experienced researcher in persuasive technology in healthcare.  Her role in the project is to appropriately analyse persuasive technology used in MMIS for consumers.

Dr Sarah Howard is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences. She has been conducting research in educational technology and technology adoption.  

Dr Judy Mullan is a Senior Lecturer in Population Health for the Graduate School of Medicine in the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health.  She is an expert in the area of health literacy, medication compliance and the quality use of medicine.  She is responsible for overseeing issues relating to health literacy and medication management. 

Prof Willy Susilo is a ARC Future Fellow in the  Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences.  He is an expert in the area of information security and his role in the project will be on confidentiality, integrity and availability of data on mobile applications.

Last reviewed: 12 September, 2016

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