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Health Buddy: A Drone That Cares

The Project

Drone_AboutPageHealth Buddy is a drone-based technology that aids individuals living with chronic conditions to self-manage their conditions, improve quality of life and remain at home. It is designed specifically to help assess, monitor and support people in their self-management to help them stay in their own home as long as possible.  This is done through health promotion and early identification of potential developing complications associated with the patient's condition. 

The drone is controlled centrally and will predominantly fly within the home to help evaluate a patients' physical and mental well-being and administer pre-defined pill-dispensing, diabetes testing and wellness testing via various feedback mechanisms.  This will be done at specific pre-set times during the day.  The drone will recognise the patient via image recognition technology, motion sensing and/or audio recognition. Information gathered is stored remotely and will help to classify a patient's mental or physical state. This is then clinically assessed and recorded. The drone can also carry a required object, eg: a glass of water, phone etc or sound an alarm.

Healthy Buddy provides autonomous health care designed to promote individual healthcare within the home, offering a low-cost, reliable and secure solution for independent living.

The Researchers

Drone_ResearcherPageThe Health Buddy is a multi-disciplinary project that brings together a diverse group of researchers from Engineering, Business, and Science, Medicine and Health. It also engages with external partners.

Associate Professor Catherine Todd heads up S3 Research Centre, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, UOW Dubai.  Her specialisation in this project is in Engineering design and device development, control systems and image processing.

Associate Professor Mohamed Watfa works at the S3 Research Centre, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, UOW Dubai. His specialisation on this project is in Engineering design and device development, smart systems and drone technology.

Dr Moira Stephens is a Senior lecturer in the School of Nursing in the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health. Her area of expertise relates to Nursing and Healthcare, specifically in cancer and chronicity.

Dr Valerie Lindsay is the Dean of Business at UOW Dubai.

Dr Sohaib Mustafa is a external researcher at Moorfields Eye Hospital.  He is a Consultant Opthalmologist and Glaucoma surgeon. His supervisory expertise is in Biomedical Technology Development.  He also has links with Dubai Healthcare Authority.

Last reviewed: 21 June, 2016

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