Global Challenges Program

Global Challenges

UOW's Global Challenges Program is a strategic research initiative that is focused on transformative interdisciplinary research that touches people's lives and changes worlds. This program is designed to harness the expertise of world-class researchers to address complex, real-world problems – to transform lives and regions.

Research with impact

Global Challenges Leah Gibbs

The Global Challenges program is a challenge-led interdisciplinary research program, all about people and projects.

We nurture projects, support them to collaborate with industry, government, institutions and other universities to foster a supportive research community to drive social, economic and cultural change.

With over 600 researchers collaborating on more than a hundred interdisciplinary projects we're approaching global issues in a myriad of ways. With the aim of transforming lives and regions, we take a global view by tackling challenges paramount to our local region but with the potential to make a difference on a larger scale.

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Keystone Project Funding Now Open

Global Challenges has launched a new funding initiative for researchers to engage in interdisciplinary research projects at a larger scale. Keystone Projects are an exciting opportunity for the Global Challenges Program and UOW Faculties to leverage capacity and resources to achieve strategic, whole of university research outcomes.

Keystone Projects must be interdisciplinary (engaging researchers from at least 3 UOW Faculties), and directly address one of the challenge areas of Living Well Longer, Making Future Industries and Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones. More information is available on the Intranet or contact Global Challenges

Approaching our fifth year, the Global Challenges passport depicts our journey so far