Global Challenges Program

Global Challenges

UOW's Global Challenges Program is a strategic research initiative that is focused on transformative interdisciplinary research that touches people's lives and changes worlds. This program is designed to harness the expertise of world-class researchers to address complex, real-world problems – to transform lives and regions.

Research with impact

Global Challenges Leah Gibbs

The Global Challenges program is a challenge-led interdisciplinary research program, all about people and projects.

We nurture projects, support them to collaborate with industry, government, institutions and other universities to foster a supportive research community to drive social, economic and cultural change.

With over 600 researchers collaborating on more than a hundred interdisciplinary projects we're approaching global issues in a myriad of ways. With the aim of transforming lives and regions, we take a global view by tackling challenges paramount to our local region but with the potential to make a difference on a larger scale.

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Approaching our fifth year, the Global Challenges passport depicts our journey so far