What influences a person’s decision to use, or not use a condom? How would a condom that not only does its job, but also feels better, impact this decision, particularly in developing countries?

An interdisciplinary research team is working to develop the next generation of condom, created from hydrogels rather than latex or rubber. It is a radical notion, one that was created in response to a challenge issued by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013.

The foundation issued a call to arms to researchers around the world to create a condom that preserves or enhances sensation, and consequently, increases condom use in developing nations and helps to minimise the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

Project Geldom, led by Dr Robert Gorkin draws expertise from Manufacturing, Biomedical Engineering, Health and Social Psychology, Polymer Science and Microbiology, was one of around 20 projects worldwide to receive an initial $100,000 grant.

What sets this project apart, however, is the engagement with migrant communities in Australia from South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. It aims to understand and learn the many reasons, such as cultural stigmas and personal attitudes, which motivate their decisions.  

While it is still in the stage of materials development, the Geldom product could have an immense impact across the globe, for the first time providing a viable option to decrease the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancy without compromising sensation. 

Learn how this condom could have an immense impact across the globe. 



Download the case study or visit Project Geldom. Want to have your say in the design? Take the survey.

    Awarded $100,000 grant by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Project team of more than 10 researchers, including 5 Early Career Researchers
    Over 2.2 million views on YouTube
    Global media coverage reaching over 50 countries and 395 million people
    Health Medical Device Commercialisation Program
    Biomedical Engineering
    Health & Social Psychology
    Polymer Science
    Wollongong, Australia
    Melbourne, Australia
    Sydney, Australia