Funding Outcomes

Global Challenges Funding Outcomes

GC Advisory Group

2018 Funding

Seed (up to $15k)

Innovative connections in CFS construction: Feasibility study
Aziz Ahmed (EIS), Lip Teh (EIS), Tillman Boehme (BUS), Alberto Escribano (BUS), Vinod Gopaldasani (SOC), Leanne Treadwell (SOC).

Mind the Age Gap? – Revealing the truth about Senior Travel at Peak Times
Bobby Du (EIS), Pascal Perez (EIS), Pauline McGuirk (SOC), Michal Strahilevitz (BUS), Thomas Birtchnell (SOC), Jun Ma (EIS). External partners: Muhammad Nouman Amjad Raja.

Modelling emergent properties in the brain to combat neurodegenerative disease
Alex Harris (AIIM), Lezanne Ooi (SMAH), Patrick McGivern (LHA).

Protecting coastal zones from heavy metal pollution from the mining industry: Technical solutions and the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Faisal Hai (EIS), Will Price (AIIM), Ting Ren (EIS), Flevy Lasrado (UOWD-BUS), Sheikh Solaiman (LHA), Muhammad Asif (EIS).

Protective Wear Resistant and Antibacterial Coating for Teeth
Dan Yang (AIIM), Paul Molino (AIIM), Michael Higgins (AIIM), Susan McInnes (SMAH), Bushra Khan (SOC), Martina Sanderson-Smith (SMAH).

Resident perceptions of intensification: Western City and the transformation of local government
Nicole Cook (SOC), Shanaka Herath (BUS), Cole Hendrigan (EIS).

Smart Limb Rehab: Enhancing Recovery and Rehabilitation
Rahim Mutlu (EIS), Emre Sariyildiz (EIS), Winson Lee (EIS), Jonathan Shemmell (SMAH), Elizabeth Mayland (SOC), Robyn Coman (SOC), Sheikh Solaiman (LHA), Gursel Alici (EIS).

SUNRISE Surveillance Study of Movement Behaviours in Young Children
Tony Okely (SOC), Thomas Suesse (EIS), Janette Green (BUS).

Sustainable Development Goal actions at a local level: A case study of cross-sectoral engagement involving multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs)
Belinda Gibbons (BUS), Vera Mackie (LHA), Heather Yeatman (SOC). External partners: Justin Placek (Healthy Cities Illawarra), Warwick Shanks (KPMG), Lesley Scarlett (Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation of Councils), Meg Cummins (Youth Student Representative).

Understanding Social Behaviour through Minimal Models of Collective Intelligence
Patrick McGivern (LHA), Jennifer Atchison (SOC), Marian Wong (SMAH).


Project (up to $50k p.a. up to 3 years)

‘Driving Change’: Options for driving retirement with over 75 age groups 
Victoria Traynor (SMAH), Melanie Randle (BUS), Gordon Waitt (SOC), Theresa Harada (SOC), Trish Mundy (LHA), Karina Murray (LHA), Jo Stirling (LHA), Nadine Veerhuis (SMAH).

Eco-Antarctica – An Antarctic-wide observing system for near-shore and terrestrial ecosystems
Melinda Waterman (SMAH), Sharon Robinson (SMAH), Dianne Jolley (SMAH), Brogan Bunt (LHA), Andrew Zammit Mangion (EIS), Constance Johnson (LHA), Greg Rose (LHA), Jo Turnbull (SMAH), Mick Ashcroft (SMAH), Krystal Randall (SMAH), Diana King (SMAH), Laurie Chisholm (SMAH). External partners: Dana Bergstrom (Australian Antarctic Division), Quan Hua (ANSTO).

Laying the foundations for a Southern NSW Blue-Economy
Michelle Voyer (LHA), Shanaka Herath (BUS), Rafael Carvalho (SMAH), Harriet Harden-Davies (LHA), Faisal Hai (EIS)
 integrating Sun, Sand, Sea and Sustainability (S4)
Faisal Hai (EIS), Emma Heffernan (EIS), Rafael Carvalho (SMAH), Fariba Ramezani (EIS), Michelle Voyer (LHA), Troy Heffernan (BUS), Richard Kenchington (LHA), Greg Kerr (BUS)]

New generation sunscreens optimised for Australian extreme UV exposure and development of reliable in-vitro test protocols for UV protection
Kosta Konstantinov (AIIM), Phil Barker (SMAH), Xu-Feng Huang (SMAH), Michael Lerch (EIS), Vitor Sencadas (EIS), Shahnaz Bakand (SOC), Jennifer Algie (BUS), Solaiman Sheikh (LHA), Ronald Sluyter (SMAH).

Project AIRSHIP: automated blimp surveillance for conservation and human safety
Kye Adams (SMAH), Andy Davis (SMAH), Allison Broad (SMAH), Leah Gibbs (SOC), Wanqing Li (EIS), Douglas Reeves (SMAH).