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Project (up to $50K p.a. up to 3 years) 

Blue Carbon Futures - Improving Mangrove Carbon Sequestration in Australia and Brazil (2015, 2016, 2017)

Kerrylee Rogers (SMAH), Jennifer Atchison (SOC), Colin Woodroffe (SMAH), Robin Warner (LHA), Mary Kaidonis (BUS), Quentin Hanich (LHA)

Caring for the Incarcerated 

Louella McCarthy (SMAH), Kathryn Weston (SMAH), Jane Carey (LHA), Natalia Hanley (SOC), Isobelle Barrett Meyering (SMAH), Fabienne Else (LHA). External partners: Barbara Nicholson (Chair Aboriginal Consultation Team/Black Wallaby Writers, South Coast Writers Centre), Stephen Hampton (Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network), Tobias Mackinnon (Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network), Andrew Weglarz (Corrective Services), Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis (South Coast Writers Centre)

Valuing Community: Investigating the social, cultural and economic contribution of Aboriginal organisations to Aboriginal community health and wellbeing

Kathleen Clapham (BUS), Scott Winch (SMAH), Valerie Harwood (SOC), Peter Kelly (SOC), Marlene Longbottom (BUS), David Kampers (LHA), Helen Hasan (BUS), Simon Eckermann (BUS)

Photo above right: Caring for the Incarcerated Exhibition Launch (L-R) - Dr Tobias Mackinnon, Statewide Clinical Director Forensic Mental Health Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network, Christopher Puplick AM, Board Chair, Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network, Louella McCarthy (SMAH), Kath Weston (SMAH), Andrew Weglarz, State Wide Museum Manager, Corrective Services, NSW, Jane Carey (LHA), Stephen Hampton, Executive Medical Director Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network and Katelyn Mikilewicz (SMAH)

Seed (up to $15K)

An iconic regional industry and identity: helping to secure value for the pearling industry of Broome

Katherine Szabo (SMAH), Kylie Lingard (LHA), Andrew Warren (SOC), Brent Koppel (SMAH). External partners: James Brown (Cygnet Bay Pearls and The Kimberley Marine Research Substation), Marten Matthews (Cygnet Bay Pearls)

An investigation in the sustainable economic practices of eco-villages

Belinda Gibbons (BUS), Oriana Price (BUS), Simon Ville (LHA), Emma Heffernan (EIS). External partner: John Talbott (Narara Ecovillage)

Illawarra and South Coast maritime industries: past, present and future

Michael Adams (SOC), Michelle Voyer (LHA), Frances Steel (LHA), James Reveley (BUS), Jade Kennedy (Teaching & Curriculum Development), Glenn Mitchell (LHA), Freya Croft (SOC), Candice Visser (LHA). External partners: Duncan Leadbitter (Visiting Fellow in LHA/Fishmatter Consultancy), Sandra Pires (Why Documentaries)

Mapping the Islands: How Art and Science can save the Great Barrier Reef

Sarah Hamylton (SMAH), Leah Gibbs (SOC), Lucas Ihlein (LHA). External partners: Iain McCalman (Sydney Environment Institute/University of Sydney), Terry Hughes (ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies/James Cook University), Natalie Davey (Saltwater Projects/Pelican Expeditions)

Material Science, Slow Textiles, and Ecological Futures

Jo Law (LHA), Agnieszka Golda (LHA),Sepidar Sayyar (AIIM), Helen McGregor (SMAH)

Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment: Bringing Transformations through Dialogic Accounting

Farzana Tanima (BUS), Vera Mackie (LHA), Jan Wright (SOC), Gordon Waitt (SOC). External partners: Judy Brown (Victoria University of Wellington), Trevor Hopper (Sussex University/Victoria University of Wellington)

New generation sunscreens optimised for Australian extreme exposure conditions and reliable in-vitro test protocols for SPF and critical wavelength

Konstantin Konstantinov (AIIM), Yusuke Yamauchi (AIIM), Phil Barker (SMAH), Michael Lerch (EIS), Vitor Sencadas (EIS), Md Shahriar Al Hossain (AIIM), Shahnaz Bakand (SOC), Jennifer Algie (BUS), Sheikh Solaiman (LHA)

Project AIRSHIP: Sharks, video imaging and the public perception of risk

Andrew Davis (SMAH), Leah Gibbs (SOC), Wanqing Li (EIS), Kye Adams (SMAH), Allison Broad (SMAH)

Smart Shoes: Motivating Elders to Walk Longer and Safer

Chiu Chun Winson Lee (EIS), Rahim Mutlu (EIS), Julie Steele (SMAH), Robyn Coman (SOC), Gursel Alici (EIS), Sheikh Solaiman (LHA). External partner: Wing Kai Lam (Li Ning Sports Goods)

Strategic (up to $5K)

Building an interdisciplinary research network to transform the lives of people with disabilities in the Illawarra region

Shoshana Dreyfus (LHA), Lyn Phillipson (SOC/AHSRI), Lynne Keevers (SOC),Melanie Randle (BUS), Simon Eckermann (BUS)

Development of low-cost gas sensors to quantify greenhouse gas emissions in estuaries

Rafael Carvalho (SMAH), Kerrylee Rogers (SMAH), Simone Marsiglio (BUS), Hugh Forehead (EIS), Johan Barthelemy (EIS), Campbell Young (SMAH)

Examination of the effect of a TR intervention on people’s engagement with mental health services

Chris Patterson (SMAH), Dana Perlman (SOC), Renee Brighton (SMAH), Brendan McAlister (BUS)

International Early Years Accelerometer Database – International Leadership Workshop

Dylan Cliff (SOC), Janette Green (AHSRI), External partners: Ian Janssen - Queen's University, Canada, Catherine Draper - University of Cape Town, Fan Jiang - Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tim Olds - University of South Australia, Mark Tremblay - University of Ottawa.

Mapping how local indigenous communities are sustaining their cultural heritage in the Pacific: the case of Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand

Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford (LHA), Michael Matthias (SOC), Holly Tootell (EIS), Rebecca Stanley (SOC), Rebecca Campbell (SOC)

Sustainable past of Maritime Kiribati?: Historical and ethnographic adaptations of Kiribati people to a changing natural environment 

Ania Kotarba (SMAH), Aurelie Delisle (LHA), Brooke Campbell (LHA), James Reveley (BUS)

Trace Arts Education from Early Childhood to High School in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Gai Lindsay (SOC), Elisabeth Duursma (SOC), Kate Senior (SOC), Teo Treloar (LHA), Shahla Meedya (SMH). External partners: Amina Gurung (Paro College, RUB), Tseyang Nidup (Paro College, RUB) (Paro College, RUB), Dechen Tshomo (Paro College, RUB), Nima Tshering (The Royal Academy, His Majesty’s Secretariat, Pangbesa, Paro)

Supporting mental wellbeing in early childhood educators

Fay Gowers (SOC), Michelle Gregory (SOC), Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett (SOC), Tony Okely (SOC)

The effects of open goals on psychological predictors of long-term engagement in physical activity

Stewart Vella (SOC), Christian Swann (SOC), Mark Allen (SOC), Matthew Schweickle (SOC), Greg Peoples (SMAH), Judy Mullan (SMAH), Dan Hutto (LHA)

Drones @ UOW

Johanna Turnbull (SMAH), Rhys Wyber (SMAH), Sharon Robinson (SMAH), Laurie Chisholm (SMAH), Robert Gorkin (AIIM), Diana King (SMAH), Philip Ogunbona (EIS)

To what extent does the gong shuttle contribute to the quality of life of Wollongong''s over 55s?

Luke Molloy (SMAH), Anne-Maree Parrish (SOC), Josh Dubrau (SOC), Delia Rambaldini-Gooding (SOC), Rodney Clarke (BUS), Pascal Perez (EIS), Michal Strahilevitz (BUS)

International workshop on Coastal Research

Sivakumar Muttucumaru (EIS), Shuqing Yang (EIS), Gregory Rose (LHA), Brian Jones (SMAH)

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