Global Challenges Program

UOW's Approach to Challenge-led Interdisciplinary Research  

To contribute to a national and international discussion on challenge-led research, the Global Challenges Program leaders have written a whitepaper on Challenge-Led Interdisciplinary Research Programs.  

In this whitepaper we reflect on our experience of funding interdisciplinary research and the successes and challenges since investing in the Global Challenges Program in 2013.

Our approach broadens the application of disciplinary expertise, stretching beyond disciplinary comfort zones to meet a shared challenge. We do not profess to have all the answers, but we are committed to research excellence with a passion to transform lives and regions.

Key Success Factors:

  • We fund riskier projects and support teams who haven't worked collaboratively before.
  • We're passionate about true collaboration using diverse expertise to find answers, together.
  • We don't fund and forget. We support people and partnerships to ensure every project is given a chance to succeed.
  • We actively identify and invest in the next generation of research leaders.
  • Our research not only produces scholarly outcomes, but delivers tangible outcomes with impact.

Read more on the Global Challenges blog and watch our video to find out how we are transforming the way we do research and making real-world impact.



Last reviewed: 18 July, 2018