About Global Challenges

About the Global Challenges Program


Over the coming decades we will face many challenges and transformations in the way we live. The UOW Global Challenges Program recognises the interconnected nature of these transformations. The Program is designed to encourage and develop creative and community-engaged research that will help drive social, economic and cultural change in our region, with the potential to be translatable across the globe.   

Learn how our interdisciplinary challenge-led approach is transforming the way we do research to deliver real impact.

The Program focuses on three Global Challenges - Living Well, Longer, Manufacturing Innovation, and Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones. They are united by an overarching research goal of Transforming Lives and Regions. 

Each Global Challenge involves collaboration between UOW researchers and business, government, community and other research organisations. Global Challenges articulates and pursues innovative solutions to major challenges, with a clear focus on the delivery and adoption of research outputs that have maximum impact in key areas of social, economic and community need.

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Last reviewed: 27 September, 2016

Transforming Lives
and Regions

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Living Well, Longer


Manufacturing Innovation


Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones

Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones